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Welcome to the official site of RAWSIKO DV

The aim of this portal is to provide you all the information and resources about the game, useful to play at best the Digital Version of RAWSIKO (RAWSIKO DV from now on) on your system. Thus not only you will be able to download the game App or access to its online version, but you will find its Rules Manual and email addresses to ask support too. And remember… your feedback is very precious for us to improve the game, so don’t esitate to send your comments! Enjoy the game!


RAWSIKO DV is offered in different versions: Online Version, to maximize the compatibility with most of desktop operating systems and web browsers, and Dedicated Clients-based Versions, for maximum performance and stability. You are able to access directly to the online version from this page, or you can download and install your preferred client from the links below, before to play the game.

Online Version

Minimum requirements:

Supported Desktop Browsers

  • Google Chrome 75 or above
  • Microsoft Edge 18 or above
  • Mozzilla FireFox 67 or above
  • Apple Safari 12.1 or above

Supported Mobile Browsers

  • RAWSIKO Online Version is not officially supported on mobile devices, but it may still work, especially on high-end devices

Download & Installation

This version is “ready to use”. Nothing needs to be installed


MS Windows Client 

Minimum Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10


  • MS Windows 7 is not officially supported any more, but it may still work


Download & Installation

Step 1 – Download the following up to date client:

RAWSIKO MS Windows Client (v1.0.20)

Step 2 – Extract it into your favourite folder and… that’s it!

IMPORTANT: during the launching of RAWSIKO, Windows Defender will prevent you to run “unrecognized app” from starting. If it happens, you simply have to press on “More info” link and then on “Run anyway


Step 1 – Open folder where you have extracted RAWSIKO Client

Step 2 – Double-click on Rawsiko.exe


Google Android Client

Minimum Requirements:

  • Google Android 4.4


Download & Installation

Step 1 – Allow the App installation from “unknown sources” on your device (see here for details)

Step 2 – Download the following up to date client:

RAWSIKO Google Android Client (v1.0.20)

Step 4 – Double-click on downloaded file

Step 5 – Follow the shown installation wizard


Step 1 – Search RAWSIKO icon among your Apps

Step 2 – Click on RAWSIKO icon


How to verify the currently installed RAWSIKO version?

Run the game and then select Credits option in main menu. Finally you will be able to see the current version at the top-left corner of the Credits panel

How to verify the currently used Web Browser version?

Click on this link  WEB BROWSER VERSION and follow the shown steps for your specific browser  

Something about the RAWSIKO Online Version is wrong on my mobile. What can I do?

The RAWSIKO Online Version is not officially supported on mobile devices. However you can try to change the web browser that you are using and retry to run the game. Remember: even if a warning message about incompatibility of your browser could be shown, you can go ahead anyway

I am obtaining frequent disconnects while I am playing an online multiplayer match. What can I do?

(For Windows Users Only) You can enable the log system of the game, by turn on the option “Log” in “Settings\Profile” form. A log file is then created inside the game folder (e.g. rkLog___29_03_2021____18_46.log) for each new match of RAWSIKO. Send that file to technical assistance of RAWSIKO. Technicians will try to understand your problems asap.